Creating a monster group is fairly easy. The main trick is to make sure you know what monsters you want in the group. Monsters are automatically grouped by type, so there is no need to create an "Undead" group, but if there were several skeleton versions it would be fine to create a smaller "skeleton" group. Look at the existing Monster Groups for examples.

Adding monsters to the groupEdit

To add a monster to a group, simply go to the monster and click edit. Look for the name of the monster towards the top of the file. If we wanted to add the Tyrannosaurus to the Dinosaur group, we'd open up Tyrannosaurus, and should see something like:


in the top section of the file.

To add it to the Dinosaur group, add this line just before the =Tyrannosaurus= line:


and you're done! If this is an existing group, that's all you need to do. Just change Dinosaur'; to whatever group name is appropriate.

If this is the first monster in a new group, you'll need to do one more step to create the new group.

Creating a new groupEdit

Grouping monsters automatically creates new categories to group the monsters. This group category needs to be edited the first time. To do this, go to the monster you just edited. You should see a new category called something like Monster Group (Dinosaur).

Click on this category. You should see a category that has your monster in it, but as a new category nothing else will be there. The edit box should already be up (or click edit if it isn't). Add the following line to the file:


and click save. The group is now complete! The monster menu should be showing up, and if you click on the Monster Groups link, your group should also be listed there.

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