General Templates Edit

These templates handle much of the categorizing of pages, as well as the ability to add menus and the like to the top of content.

Sytem Reference Document Edit

All content that is SRD content should have on its first line the following:


The SRD template will add a box explaining SRD and what edits are appropriate as well as adding an SRD category.

Open ContentEdit

All content that isn't STD but instead is Open Content, should have this instead:

{{Open Content}}

The Open Content template will add a box explaining Open Content and what edits are appropriate as well as adding an Open Content category.

Spell Templates Edit

All spells should have the following template at the top of the spell


This will add the spell category as well as add a spell menu to the top of each spell.


Spell schools should be written like:


This will create a link to Illusion spells as well as categorize the spell school.

Descriptors Edit

Some spells have descriptors after the school. Like "Illusion [Figment]". The descriptor should be written like:


So, the above would look like:

{{Illusion}}  {{Figment}}

Classes and levels Edit

Each spell is associated with a class and a level for that class to cast it.

A first level Cleric spell is written like:


For Wizard or Sorcerer spells, spells are always displayed as "Sor/Wiz" but the template only needs one of the two to display properly.

{{Wiz|1}} and {{Sor|1}}

are handled identically.

See Fireball as an example spell.

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