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Diminish PlantsEdit


Level: Template:Drd, Template:Rgr

Components: V, S, DF

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: See text

Targetor Area: See text

Duration: Instantaneous

Saving Throw: None

Spell Resistance: No


This spell has two versions.

Prune Growth: This version causes normal vegetation within long range (400 feet + 40 feet per level) to shrink to about one-third of their normal size, becoming untangled and less bushy. The affected vegetation appears to have been carefully pruned and trimmed. At your option, the area can be a 100- foot-radius circle, a 150-foot-radius semicircle, or a 200-foot-radius quarter-circle.

You may also designate portions of the area that are not affected. Stunt Growth: This version targets normal plants within a range of 1/2 mile, reducing their potential productivity over the course of the following year to one third below normal. Diminish plants counters plant growth.

This spell has no effect on plant creatures.

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